NWGA Scanner | July 11th, 2022

Teens arrested during DUI traffic strop after leaving bar in Dalton and driving all over the roadway

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office, On June 23rd, 2022, at 10:50 PM, Lt. Gibson observed a vehicle traveling north on GA Hwy 3 in the area of Georgia State Patrol Post 5, failing to maintain its lane. Lt. Gibson witnessed the 2010 Honda Accord displaying an Iowa tag fail to maintain its lane several times. After the deputy observed the vehicle cross, the yellow line, the deputy initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, later identified as Devin James Gheer, 18, of Long Grove, Iowa. According to the report, “As Lt. Gibson approached the vehicle, he observed a cooler in the back seat on the passenger side. While speaking with Mr. Gheer, Lt. Gibson observed that Mr. Gheer’s eyes appeared watery, and his responses were very direct. Mr. Gheer stated multiple times that they were headed home in the area of Tunnel Hill, and he was just tired due to having been up since approximately 5:45 AM. Lt. Gibson observed that Mr. Gheer would chew on his chewing gum after every response, as if it were a new piece. Lt. Gibson asked Mr. Gheer if he had consumed any alcohol or taken any drugs, and he responded no to each question.” As Gheer exited the vehicle, he appeared to stagger out and stumble. Lt. Gibson, a drug recognition expert, checked his eyes for Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. During the test, Gheer showed several signs of impairment. During further field sobriety testing, Gheer showed several signs of impairment. According to the report, Lt. Gibson then asked Mr. Gheer how much he had to drink, and he replied, “Probably about three beers, sir.” Gheer was placed under arrest for DUI and agreed to the state test. The passenger, later identified as William Parker Adams, 19, of Tunnel Hill, was observed to have bloodshot and glassy eyes. His speech was slurred, and Adams stated they were coming from Crescent City Tavern, located at 324 South Depot Street, and they had been drinking. According to the report, “When asked what was in the cooler, Mr. Adams stated that he could not tell Lt. Gibson, because it was not his cooler. Lt. Gibson asked Mr. Adams how long they were at Crescent City Tavern, and he advised, “30 minutes. 45 minutes. An hour.” Lt. Gibson asked Mr. Adams how much he had to drink, and he stated only a “couple of beers”. Mr. Adams had advised Lt. Gibson multiple times that he was from lower Alabama, and he had his license changed from Alabama to Georgia when he got his Commercial Driver`s License. Due to Lt. Gibson’s observations, he advised Mr. Adams that he believed that Mr. Adams had drank more than that. Mr. Adams eventually stated that he had maybe four now while they were there.” While searching the vehicle, the deputy located two licenses from different states sitting in the center console. The Tennessee license was confirmed as being a fake ID. Adams was then placed under arrest. The deputy then located a box full of Bush Light beer, filled with opened cans, some with visible liquid still inside, behind the driver’s seat in the back-seat floorboard. In the cooler, deputies located more Bush Light and Budweiser cans. In the front passenger floorboard where Adams was seated was a grocery bag containing a cardboard six-pack carrier of more Budweiser bottles. Both Gheer and Adams were transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Gheer was charged with failure to maintain lane, DUI – alcohol less safe open container of alcohol. Gheer refused to give a sample of breath into an Alco-Sensor for booking staff. Adams was charged with possession/display/use any false/altered ID, 1st Offense furnish/purchase/possession of alcohol by minor, and open container violation. According to the report, “Adams gave a voluntary sample of breath for booking staff, and it registered .132. Due to having refused the state-administered chemical tests of his breath and blood, Lt. Gibson filled out the Georgia Administrative License Suspension Form, and he personally served Mr. Gheer with it.”