NWGA Scanner | August 8th, 2022

Tennesse woman turns warning into felony fleeing after pursuit in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On August 3rd, 2022, at 11:15pm, Deputy Weaver stopped a 2000 Chevrolet Impala with a TN tag after he observed the vehicle traveling in the opposite lane of travel with no working headlights and the run the red light at Highway 41 and Alabama Highway. The driver, later identified as Shonta A Lawrence, 30, of Tennessee, stopped the vehicle abruptly in the center of the lane on highway 41, just north of Battlefield Parkway. According to the report, “Deputy Weaver made a driver side approach and stated, “Good evening, I’m Deputy Weaver with the Sheriff’s Office. Do you know why I pulled you over tonight”. Lawrence stated, “No, I’m trying to get home, I’ve got a long drive, I need to get going”. Deputy Weaver informed Lawrence she was driving without headlights on, and ran the red light. Lawrence stated, “I didn’t even see the light I wanna get home, and I have a long drive”.” After checking her information through dispatch, Deputy Weaver re-approached Lawrence and stated he was going to give her a verbal warning for the multiple traffic violations. At this time, Lawrence started to give Deputy Weaver an extreme attitude about her headlights and how it was not her fault. She did not know how to turn them on or operate them. According to the report, “Deputy Weaver informed her that she is responsible for all operations of any vehicle she is driving and needed to know how to turn the headlights on especially if she was going to be driving at night. Deputy Weaver informed Lawrence she needed to turn the headlights on before she was free to go. Lawrence threw her hands up and became even more agitated and said, “I need to go I’ve got a long drive. Lawrence started pulling numerous switches and buttons in the car to try and get the headlights to turn on. During this time, Lawrence once again became agitated, pulling switches very aggressively. Lawrence then stated, “I am leaving, I’ll keep driving I need to get home”. Deputy Weaver informed Lawrence again she was not free to leave until her headlights were turned on. Lawrence became even more agitated and stated, ” Am I under arrest”. According to the report, “As soon as Deputy Weaver finished his sentence, Lawrence slammed the car in drive and took off. Deputy Weaver ran back to his patrol car, advised dispatch he was going to be “10-80″ with the vehicle and began pursuing the car.” Ringgold PD Officer Rider joined the pursuit and assisted the deputy as the pursuit passed the Catoosa County Jail on Highway 41. Ringgold Officer Rider was called off the chase by their supervisor. At this time, Deputy Smith joined the chase as the second unit and took over calling the pursuit. The pursuit continued northbound on Highway 41, with speeds never exceeding 70mph. During the chase, Lawrence’s vehicle crossed the center line numerous times and ran off the road. The pursuit went down Graysville Road, then onto Swanson Road and Ooltewah Ringgold Road northbound. Deputies Smith, Weaver, and Gang then attempted to box Lawrence in using their patrol vehicle. During the box-in maneuver, Lawrence struck Deputy Gant’s patrol vehicle. Deputies conducted a felony takedown and took Lawrence at gunpoint, giving loud verbal commands. Lawrence complied with commands and was taken into custody without incident. Lawrence was booked into the Catoosa County Jail, charged with no proof of insurance, stop signs and yield signs, headlights, failure to maintain lane brake lights, and turn signals felony fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer.