NWGA Scanner | April 25th, 2022

Tennessee man arrested after kidnapping woman from Chattanooga bar and raping her in Catoosa County

According to a Ringgold Police Department incident report, On April 9th, 2022, at 5:24 AM, Officer M. Green, was dispatched to I-75 south before exit 348 for a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. Officer Green arrived on scene at 5:36 AM, on I-75 south at mile marker 350. The officer made contact with the driver, later identified Jairo Sepulveda, 21, of Hixson, TN, and immediately reported Sepulveda appeared intoxicated. Sepulveda said that the car started to shake very badly, and smoke started to come from the engine, and that’s why he stopped. Officer Green reported, “As [I] spoke to Sepulveda, [I] observed the moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage upon his breath. Sepulveda then provided me with the proper tag, which was in his vehicle, and when he opened the door, [I] smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from within the passenger compartment of the vehicle. [I] then ran that tag number which returned to a 2006 red in color Dodge Durango out of Tennessee. [I] asked Sepulveda where he was going this morning, and he said that he was going home to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and he got lost on his way due to not having a phone on his person and that he had lost it. [I] then asked him if there was someone else in the car with him, and he said yes, a woman, and [I] looked and observed [the victim] lying face down in the back seat who appeared to be asleep. [I] asked Sepulveda if they had been drinking, and he said yes, they had.” Their officer then began to visually inspect the vehicle again and saw that the front tire on the passenger side was almost completely torn away and that the rim had sustained heavy damage from being driven on for some time. According to the report, During the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, the officer observed that Sepulveda’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot. Sepulveda showed several signs of impairment during the tests. Sepulveda advised the officer he only had two Margaritas that were approximately 10 ounces in size each prior to driving. Officer Green reported, “‘[I] then went to check on [the victim] who was still in the back seat and appear to not have moved. [I] then began asking [the victim] to sit up, and it took a very long time, but, she finally awoke and appeared to be surprised that [I] was there. [the victim]’s clothing appeared to also be disheveled, and her hair was very messy when she initially sat up, and she needed a moment to fix herself and get her bearings on where she was. The officer reported that [the victim] was very appeared very intoxicated “had extremely red eyes and the very strong odor of alcohol coming from her person.” The [the victim] approached the officer, almost stumbling to the ground and laughing, and asked if she may sit in the wrecker until they left with the vehicle. Sepulveda was transported to the Catoosa County Jail, charged with DUI driving under the influence of alcohol, and removing or affixing a license plate for the purpose of concealing the identity of a vehicle.
According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, At 9:53 AM, Deputy North responded to the Boynton Baseball fields in reference to a possible missing person. Deputy North arrived and spoke with the complainant, who stated his daughter [the victim] went to her brother’s college award ceremony at UTC the night prior. The father stated after the ceremony, the victim and about nine other people went to several bars in Chattanooga (bar hopping) and finally ended up at Alan Gold’s bar. According to the report, “The father stated he woke up at approximately 9:00 AM and checked the victim’s location on a location-sharing app. The victim’s location was at the Boynton Ballfield. According to the location app, the victim arrived at the ball fields at 2:27 AM.” The farther stated while searching the area, he located several items belonging to the victim, including a phone, wallet, and a black leather belt by the wood line. According to the report, The father and deputies were able to make contact with the [the victim], who stated she did not remember leaving the bar with anyone. According to the report, The victim would later go to Erlanger East, the emergency room reporting she had been assaulted. According to the report, “The victim stated she remembered being at Alan Gold’s and being escorted outside by the bouncer for being very intoxicated. The victim stated she feels like she may have been drugged. The victim stated the next thing she remembered was the police officer (Officer Green) waking her up.” Hospital staff confirmed the victim had severe bruising, scratches, and other injuries. After further investigation by Catoosa County detectives, warrants for rape and kidnapping (adult) were issued for Sepulveda, who was taken into custody in Hamilton County on April 15th, 2022. Sepulveda was transported from the Silverdale Correctional Facility to the Catoosa County Jail.