NWGA Scanner | May 1st, 2022

Tennessee woman arrested for obstruction after refusing to give trooper license during traffic stop in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On Monday, April 18, 2022, at approximately 2:46 PM, Cpl. B. Sanford was on patrol along I-75 Northbound near Mile Marker 312. Cpl. Sanford reported, “[I] was observing traffic and checked the speed of a silver Chrysler 300 traveling north in the left lane of I-75 Northbound at 86 MPH using my Department issued LIDAR. [I] caught up to the violator and initiated a traffic stop. The violator pulled over on the right shoulder of the roadway near Mile Marker 314, with the driver’s side very close to the fog line. [I] made a passenger-side approach and made contact with the occupants. The right rear window of the sedan was tinted, so [I] could not see inside the vehicle. I instructed the occupants to lower the window. [I] then instructed the driver (Kandis Diana Davis, 24, of Murfreesboro, TN) to hand over her driver’s license. The driver did not hand over her license and asked me the reason she was being stopped because she was going “75.” [I] informed her she was traveling 86 MPH. She then stated she was “fittin to call the sergeant” because [I] was “lying on [her].” [I] instructed the driver to hand me her driver’s license or face arrest. The driver stated that [I] would not be [arresting her]. It was at this time the driver began speaking to 911 on her cell phone. While the driver was speaking to 911, [I] gathered information on the vehicle.” Kandis overhearing the trooper explaining to the passenger the speed he obtained from her vehicle, stated “I was going 80, not 86…That’s wrong. He not fittin to lie on me for going no 86, let’s just go to jail.” The trooper again requested Kandis driver’s license. She stated, “I’m not giving them to you because you’re lying to me.” Cpl. Sanford reported, “After feeling as though [I] had exhausted all efforts to get the driver to hand me her license, [I] told her to step out of her vehicle. The driver exited her vehicle with her phone recording in hand. [I] could clearly see at this point that this woman was very large, easily outweighing me by at least 150-200 pounds. She did not follow my commands to step away from the lanes of traffic and stood right by the fog line, putting herself and other motorists in danger. At this point, [I] did not feel threatened by the driver but felt this was all a stunt. [I] requested a Gordon County Sheriffs Office deputy to come to the scene with hopes of ending this as peacefully as possible with no one getting hurt.” Kandis was eventually transported to the Gordon County Jail, charged with failure to exhibit a driver’s license on demand, obstruction, and speeding.