NWGA Scanner | November 18th, 2021

Tennessee woman suspected of DUI arrested after refusing to exit vehicle at checkpoint in Summerville

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Sunday, November 7th, 2021, at around 11:27 AM, Cpl. Fielding was assisting the Summerville Police Department on a license and safety checkpoint at the intersection of East Washington Street and Penn Street. According to the report, While on scene, a 2016 Chevrolet Malibu displaying Oregon tag # 830 KGA approached the checkpoint. Deputy Fielding reported, “While on scene [I] made contact with the driver who was later identified as Amanda Jean Madison, 27, of Brentwood, TN. While speaking to Ms. Madison, [I] did observe the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle, [I] also observed in plain view in the rear floorboard several empty alcoholic beverage cans. While on the scene, [I] did ask Ms. Madison along with her male passenger if they had been consuming any alcoholic beverages, and it was learned that the male passenger had been consuming alcoholic beverages. Ms. Madison also admitted to consuming alcohol as well. While on the scene, [I] asked Ms. Madison how many alcoholic beverages she had consumed, and she advised two.” Once the deputy learned this information and based upon her admittance to consuming alcohol prior to driving, the deputy believed she was possibly operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Deputy Fielding reported, “[I] then asked Ms. Madison to step out of the vehicle. While on the scene, Ms. Madison became argumentative with me and refused to step out of the vehicle, [I] asked Ms. Madison numerous times to step out of the vehicle and explained my reasoning behind such, and she still refused to obey a lawful order. While on scene and after numerous attempts, myself and Summerville Police Officer Josiah Hemm then removed Ms. Madison from the vehicle.” Once removed from the vehicle, Madison refused to provide a breath sample on the portable Alco-Sensor and provide a series of Field Sobriety Tests. Madison was transported to the Chattooga County Jail charged with obstruction.