NWGA Scanner | May 31st, 2022

Three arrested after Floyd County Investigators find stolen trailer, property and meth during search warrant

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On May 12th, 2022, at 5:51 AM, Officer Ribot responded to 931 Chulio Road, in reference to a stolen trailer. Officer Ribot reported, “[I] was advised by 911 Dispatch that the trailer had a GPS, and it was showing at 12 Cole Road.” The officer was advised that the trailer was taken during a burglary. The officer arrived and observed three trailers around the property. One trailer had a blue tarp over it. The tarp was over an enclosed trailer. The description of the stolen trailer was a construction box-type trailer. Officer Ribot reported, “[I] observed fresh tire marks over the grass where the trailer was placed. [I] then called the complainant, who told me the brand and type of trailer. He also told me the location of the GPS. [I] then walked to the trailer, and [I] saw a GPS in the location where he told me. [I] then also saw the brand and model of the trailer on the sticker. At that point, [I] had reason to believe that the box trailer in front of me was the one stolen.” The victim informed the officer that in the inside trailer, he had several items. One of the items was a large blue tarp. He told the officer that the trailer was full of stuff. The items were saw tables, tools, 100-year-old wooden floorboards, and other construction-related tools. The officer then located a plate that was from Walton County, which was registered to the victim. Officer Ribot reported, “As I was investigating the incident, [I] saw that Jason Ray Collins, 46 of Kingston, walked outside to his truck, then he went back inside the residence. [I] knew that the property owner had a dark in color Chevrolet Pickup. The pickup was not at the location. [I] remember that around 1:00 AM, [I] saw Kenneth Kevin Lewis, 54 of Rome, pickup at a Gas Station on Ga 101. During the investigation saw a dark red pickup truck at the location. [I] recognized the pickup from a prior traffic stop. I knew the pickup was registered to Jason Collins. On April 14th, 2022, [I] stopped the pickup. [I] conducted a search of the vehicle and found drug-related objects. Mr. Lewis then showed up with John Paul Sauls, 37 of Rome. Mr. Lewis arrived in his black Chevrolet pickup.” Floyd County Investigators applied for a search warrant and executed it. During that time Lewis changed the story about his encounter with the person who supposedly dropped the trailer off on the property. At one point, Sascha Nicole Lorraina Kirkpatrick, 27, of Rome, walked out of the residence. The female was Sasha Kirkpatrick. Officer Ribot reported, “[I] recognized her because [I] arrested her before for controlled substances. [I] was also advised that Mrs. Kirkpatrick had an active warrant. She was arrested and transported by Deputy Noles to the Floyd County Jail. According to the report, “Based on the facts and circumstance of the incident, [I] believe that there was a fair probability that the stolen items from the trailer were in Mr. Lewis’s property. There was a clear and fresh trail of footsteps from the trailer area to the residence. There was also a clear and fresh trail of vehicle tires over the grass area where the trailer was dropped off. In my experience with other criminal cases, [I] have found out that people involved in larceny and/or controlled substance crimes are more likely to take the criminal evidence items back to their residence. [I] spoke with Sgt. Nails about the investigation. I informed her of some of the items that were inside the trailer. A Search Warrant was obtained for the location. Sgt. Clayton (CID), Sgt. Holbrook, Sgt. Mayers (TFO HIDTA) members of the CID and the HIDTA Task Force assisted with the search warrant. According to the report, investigators found a large amount of meth, scales, and packaging products commonly used for the distribution of drugs. Officers also found a pipe and syringe during the search. They also recovered the stolen enclosed trailer, valued at nearly $16,000. Investigators also found a “Ken Ct” sign that had been stolen from Floyd County in the home. Lewis was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule I controlled substance, felony theft by receiving stolen property, theft by receiving stolen property, possession of drug-related objects, and probation violation. Collins was charged with possession of meth, felony theft by receiving stolen property, possession of drug-related objects, and parole violation. Sauls is charged with possession of meth, felony theft by receiving stolen property, and possession of drug-related objects.