NWGA Scanner | April 17th, 2022

Three arrested after meth, pills, and other drugs found during DUI traffic stop in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On April 2nd, 2022, at 12:28 AM, Officer Carlos Ribot-Aviles was in a marked patrol unit traveling South on Maple Road. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “[I] was behind a small red passenger vehicle. [I] saw the vehicle swerving in the Southbound lane. [I] checked the registration of the vehicle with 911 Dispatch. [I] continued to follow the vehicle, and [I] saw the driver-side tires touching the middle lane. 911 Dispatch advised that the vehicle registration was expired. [I] initiated a traffic stop by providing visual and audible signals. The vehicle did not stop right away. It had the blinker on, but it traveled over 0.1 miles. [I] turned the signals on around the intersection of Pecan Street, and the vehicle stopped just before Hawthorne Street. As [I] was walking to the vehicle, [I] observed somebody in the backseat, and the windows were dark. [I] got the rear passenger’s attention, Mrs. Alicia West, 42, of Rome, and she lowered the window. [I] then was able to see the rear passenger. [I] then moved and made contact with the driver, Mr. James William Whitaker Jr, 69 Silver Creek.” The officer informed him that his registration was expired. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “For some reason, the rear passenger tried to tell me something irrelevant to what [I] was talking about. [I] asked Mr. Whitaker for his driver’s license, and the rear passenger was talking, and then he made some comments, then told the rear passenger to tell me about something from the night before. Mr. Whitaker informed me that he did not have his license on him. His speech was slurred. He then said something that the person put the insurance in the car. As [I] am asking the rear passenger for identification, Mr. Whitaker was quiet and appeared confused for some reason. [I] informed him that I was giving him a warning for the expired registration. He then turned around and tried to shake my hand. I requested his insurance car. Mr. Whitaker was just looking for the insurance. [I] then requested him to exit the vehicle and walk with me to write the warning. As we are walking to my vehicle, [I] asked him about alcoholic beverage consumption. He admitted and said that he drank one about an hour from the traffic stop. Mr. Whitaker then appeared confused again. He stated that he drank a 12 oz, Budweiser.” Mr. Whitaker then made some comments that were not relevant to the stop. Officer Puckett advised that he had reason to believe that Mr. Whitaker was under the driving influence of alcohol. Whitaker was arrested and then refused the implied consent. After getting consent, officers searched West’s purse and found three loaded syringes. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “In the front area (center console) [I] found a single orange oval pill. [I] then found more of the same orange pills on the front floorboard and passenger seat. [I] also found some in the backseat area inside a box. Mr. Whitaker also had them on his person. Officer Puckett found them during the search for Mr. Whitaker’s person. [I] asked Mr. Carey Lamar Chisolm, 65, of Rome, and Mrs. West about the pills, and nobody knew or admitted using those pills. [I] asked Mrs. West about the syringes. She said it was her daughters.” Officer then located baggies containing crystal meth inside the vehicle. At that point, Officer Ribot-Aviles had reason to believe that Chisolm had abandoned the drugs. Whitaker was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with DUI, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of a schedule V controlled substance. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “At the Jail, Mr. Chisolm was found with two more pills on him, the orange oval pill with the imprint a010. Mrs. West was also found with a plastic bag with several orange pills, a pink round pill imprint k 56 (schedule II, Oxycodone), and a similar baggie with more crystal rocks; meth. Mrs. West had those items under her underwear in the front area. She had those items inside the Sheriff’s Office Jail Booking area. She was not authorized, and she had plenty of opportunities to disclose those items. Deputy M. Couey was the one who got the items from Mrs. West then handed them to me.” Chisolm was booked into the Floyd County Jail, charged with possession of meth, possession of a schedule V controlled substance, abandonment of dangerous drugs, and felony probation violation.