NWGA Scanner | April 27th, 2021

Three charged after leaving man who overdosed in vehicle for 13 hours before calling 911

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report on November 4th, 2020, at around 12:52 AM, Investigator Brittany Heffelfinger responded to 4026 Blacks Bluff Road in reference to an unresponsive male. The caller stated that the male, later identified as John Hulsey, 21 of Alabama, had been drinking the night prior and slept in the car. Investigator Heffelfinger reported, “It was stated that CPR was attempted, but he was “beyond help.” It was advised that he went to sleep on the way home the night prior and was drunk, so they let him sleep it off and came back the next morning, and he was not breathing.” When the investigator arrived, she observed a male and female sitting on the back porch. She observed a Husley laying face up in the back seat of the vehicle with his head on the driver’s side, propped up on a white blanket, and his feet toward the passenger side, slightly hanging out of the door. EMS advised that they spoke to the male identified as Matthew Bryan, 38, of Rome, and the female identified as Audra Ingle, 33. According to the report, Ingle and Bryan were transported to the Floyd County Police Department for further interviewing. They both were interviewed by Sgt Nails and Capt Lom. Their phones were seized as evidence. The investigator spoke with David Bryan, the father of Matthew, at the house on Blacks Bluff. After a consent search of his cell phone, text message, and audio messages, it was confirmed that David had knowledge of the death hours prior to E911 being contacted and suggested knowledge of the circumstances of the death. Hulsey’s body was transported to the Floyd County Coroner’s office, where he would then be transported to the GBI Crime Lab. Floyd County Police Sgt. Chris Fincher said, “The three were in Rome looking to get high and decided to go shoot up heroin.” Police said that David even went outside, looked in the car, saw the Hulsey’s body in the back seat but did nothing about it. “He also didn’t call anybody. He just went about his business,” said Sgt. Fincher. FCPD Investigators said Bryan and Ingle drove around, stopped at a store, watching a movie, and even slept, all while Hulsey was in the back seat of their car. On April 15th, 2021, warrants for Matthew Bryan, David Bryan, and Audra Ingle were obtained. Investigator Heffelfinger made contact with Matthew Bryan and David Bryan at 4026 Blacks Bluff Road, where they were placed under arrest on the warrants. According to the report, “When Matthew was advised of his charge, he became upset and advised he did not conceal the death of anyone. He stated that he did not know Hulsey was dead until he left the Walmart in Acworth.” Investigator Heffelfinger reported, “[I] advised him that approximately 13 hours passed before E911 was contacted. He stated that he did not call until he knew what he was supposed to do.” Audra Ingle was arrested by Polk County at approximately 4:15 PM on April 15th. Deputy Williams met with Polk County at the county. They were all booked into the Floyd County Jail charged with concealing the death of another.