NWGA Scanner | February 24th, 2022

Three Memphis men arrested after 100 mph pursuit on I-75 with GSP ends with PIT maneuver in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on February 8th, 2022, at about 9:50 PM, Cpl. Boyd was stationary on the west shoulder of I-75 southbound at exit 336 in a marked Georgia State Patrol car. Cpl. Boyd reported, “[I] saw a vehicle, that would be identified as a Nissan Altima, traveling south on I-75, in the number three lane of travel, at a high rate of speed. [I] was able to estimate, check, and confirm the Nissan’s speed at ninety-four (94) MPH using the rear antenna of a RADAR unit. The driver of the Nissan would be identified as a Mr. Quaterrio Owens, of 19, of Memphis, at the conclusion of this incident. After passing me, Owens changed lanes from the number three lane of travel to the number one lane travel without using a turn signal and continued passing traffic. [I] checked Owens’s speed using the front antenna of a RADAR at 100 plus MPH as [I] was attempting to catch up to the Nissan. At MM 333, [I] attempted to initiate a traffic stop for the observed violations by activating the flashing blue lights and siren of the Georgia State Patrol car. Owens failed to yield to an authorized emergency vehicle by failing to stop the Nissan on the right shoulder when given a visual and audible signal. Owen initiated a pursuit by making a lane change from the number one to the number two lane of travel, deactivating his headlights (sunset per google for Dalton was at 6:16 PM), accelerating his speed to about 115 plus MPH, and continuing to fail to yield an authorized emergency vehicle.” The pursuit continued southbound, with Owens driving extremely reckless, mainly on the emergency lane at over 100 Miles Per Hour. Cpl. Boyd reported, “[I] considered using the PIT on several occasions throughout the pursuit. [I] did not perform the PIT maneuver because of the high rate of speed, traffic conditions, and the position of the Nissan in relation to my patrol vehicle. The box-in was considered, but there were never three officers and troopers that all had communication with each other and were trained in the maneuver. The use of tire deflation devices was not practical or safe to use because the erratic and reckless driving. Owens exited the interstate at I-75 southbound Exit 326. [I] increased my distance from the rear of the Nissan and slowed my speed, compared to the speeds we were traveling on the southbound lanes of travel. [I] anticipated Owens would continue on the exit ramp and that he was not familiar with the roundabout located on Carbondale Road at its intersection with the exit ramp. However, Owens made a lane change traveling across the gore area, past a tractor-trailer parked in the gore area, and back onto the southbound travel lanes. [I] followed, initially, feeling confident [I] had reduced my speed enough and had enough traction to complete the maneuver. After applying the steering input, [I] realized [I] was carrying too much speed. When [I] traveled into the gore area, the patrol vehicle felt like it was traveling on gravel-type material, and the steering felt similar to hydroplaning. [I] was able to regain enough control to avoid striking the parked tractor-trailer with the front of the patrol vehicle, but the right rear of my patrol vehicle made contact with the trailer. [I] notified the communications center of the impact and continued the pursuit southbound. TFC3 Burchett reported, “[I] observed the Nissan Altima come by with no headlights on at a high rate of speed with CPL Boyd and a Whitfield County Deputy directly behind the Nissan. [I] caught up to the pursuit at MM 320. [I] observed the driver of the Nissan exit on the ramp to GA 136 and then recklessly cut through the gore area to I-75 South. CPL Boyd was too far down the ramp to safely re-enter I-75 and had to exit off to GA 136. [I] passed the Whitfield County Deputy and advised the radio room that [I] was primary. The driver of the Nissan was driving recklessly at a high rate of speed on the right emergency lane with no headlights on.” A trooper attempted to perform a PIT on the left side of the Nissan but disengaged due to speeds. to Owens then sped into the rest area at a high rate of speed very recklessly. Owens showed no regard for other motorists or consideration for the possibility of pedestrians that might be walking in the rest area. TFC3 Burchett reported, “The driver of the Nissan ran the stop sign in the rest area before attempting to re-enter I-75 South. As we entered I-75 South just south of the rest area, [I] utilized a Precision Immobilization Technique to end the pursuit before he injured another motorist due to his reckless and erratic driving. The PIT was successful, and the vehicle left the roadway off the west shoulder.” Troopers and deputies took the occupants at gunpoint and placed them under arrest. The rear seat passenger Rayterrio Hurd, 22, of Memphis, TN, and front-seat passenger Lachristian Freeman, 21, of Memphis, were both detained. Freeman had felony warrants, and the driver Owens showed to have a Tennessee license that was suspended. According to the report, TFC. Burchett recovered two Glock handguns, over $3300 in cash, and a large amount of marijuana from the Nissan. All three occupants were transported to the Gordon County Jail. Owens was booked into the jail, charged with driving without a valid license, felony fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, sell of marijuana felony, speeding, no proof of insurance, possession, and use of drug-related objects, reckless driving, driving in the emergency lane, driving within gore or median, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, headlights, failure to maintain lane, and possession of a firearm. Freeman and Hurd were both booked into the jail, charged with possession of a firearm and sell of marijuana.