NWGA Scanner | January 15th, 2021

Three seriously injured in New Year’s morning wrong-way DUI crash in Bartow County

According to a Georgia State Patrol crash report, on News Year’s Day, January 1st, 2021, at around 2:39 AM, a 2005 Dodge Magnum being driven by Kedric Jackson, 30, of Rome was traveling the wrong way westbound, in the left lane of GA 20 eastbound. A 2018 Jeep Renegade Sport, being driven by Jason Henson of Cartersville, was traveling eastbound, in the left lane of GA 20 eastbound. A witness stated that he did not see the crash occur, but just prior to the crash, he was passed by the Dodge Magnum while traveling on GA 20 eastbound. Kedric Jackson, who was found to be under the influence of alcohol, stated that all he remembered he was driving to his house in Rome. Jason Henson stated that all he remembered he was driving to his house in Cartersville. Investigation of the scene revealed that the Dodge Magnum was driving on the wrong side of a divided highway when he struck the front left of the Jeep Renegade with the front left. After impact, the Dodge Magnum rotated in a counterclockwise manner. The Dodge Magnum then came to a final rest, facing southbound, with its two front tires in the left lane of GA 20 eastbound and two rear tires in the grass median. The Jeep Renegade left the south side of the road and came to a final rest facing eastbound. There were no tire marks in the grass median that could have been left by Dodge Magnum that would show him crossing over to the eastbound lane prior to impact. It is unclear where the Dodge Magnum got into the eastbound lanes or for how long he was driving in the eastbound lanes. The crash was so violent the Jeep Renegade’s engine was detached from the vehicle and came to a final rest in the right lane of GA 20 eastbound. The area of impact, which was in the left lane of GA 20 eastbound, was determined by vehicle debris, vehicle damage, scratch marks, and final vehicle rest. Jason Henson was seriously injured in the crash and transported by Metro EMS to Floyd Medical Center, where he was transported to another hospital for further treatment. According to the victim’s Family, Henson is still in a deep coma and hasn’t had much improvement. Kedric and passenger Phillip Williams, 46, of Rome, were both injured and transported to Floyd Medical Center by Metro EMS. According to the report, Kedric is being charged with DUI alcohol, reckless driving, open container, driving on the wrong side of the roadway, serious injury by vehicle, and failure to maintain a single lane.