NWGA Scanner | November 13th, 2021

Three teens arrested after DUI crash while leaving Rome River Jam Concert

According to a Rome Police Department incident report, on Sunday, November 7th, 2021 at approximately, 11:00 PM, Officer Coleman was dispatched to Kingston Avenue and the area of the North Side Swim Center in reference to a crash. Officer Coleman arrived and was flagged down by the victim. He advised that the truck in front of him was the one that struck his vehicle, and they were not stopping. Officer Coleman reported, “[I] turned around and got behind the vehicle, later identified as a Green 2010 Ford F-150, and conducted a traffic stop on the truck on North Broad Street and Duke Street. [I] made contact with the driver, who was identified as Joshua Kieth Maynard, 19, of Lyerly. [I] advised him the reason for the stop was due to someone stating he struck their vehicle and failed to stop.” Maynard advised that he did not hit another vehicle as he did not feel anything. The officer then went back to the other driver who had pulled up behind his patrol vehicle. According to the report, “The driver he advised that he had been behind the truck northbound on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (MLK JR). He advised that they both got into a turning lane MLK JR and were going to make a U-Turn to come southbound back toward town. He advised that as the truck started their U-Turn, he had to back a little to complete the turn. He stated that while the truck was backing up, it struck the front driver quarter panel of his vehicle with the driver side of its rear bumper. The officer did observe damage to the front driver quarter panel.” Officer Coleman spoke with Maynard and reported he appeared to be nervous. He advised that his hand was shaking badly when he originally handed the officer his license. Officer Coleman reported, “[I] also noticed that his eyes were bloodshot and watery. He was speaking slow and deliberate as though he was trying not to slur his words. [I] was starting to suspect he may be under the influence of alcohol. Officer Gravel had arrived on scene to assist.” Officer Gravel then had Maynard blow into a portable Alco-Sensor where he showed positive for alcohol with a level of 0.86. The officer then asked Maynard how much he had had to drink. He advised that he had few drinks, but he was alright to drive as he did not feel anything serious. Officer Coleman reported, “[I] then advised him that he was underage and the legal limit for under 21 is 0.02. [I] advised him that the machine he blew into showed that he was a little over that number.” During field sobriety tests, Maynard showed several signs of impairment of both alcohol and cannabis use. Maynard was placed under arrest for DUI and refused the state implied consent. While searching the vehicle, the officer observed a cigarillo package that appeared to not have any cigarillos in it. Officer Coleman reported, “[I] know through my training and experience that people put marijuana inside of these empty packages. [I] opened the package and found a small amount of marijuana inside of it. As [I] looked into the vehicle from the passenger side, [I] observed several open empty Michelob Ultra cans in the front passenger floorboard. [I] then opened the center console and found an open Michelob Ultra can that still had some contents inside of it, and [I] also found an open 25 ounce Bud Light can with contents still inside of it. While still looking inside of the center console, [I] found a plastic Ziploc bag that contained several packages of Delta 8 flowers, edibles, and vape oil.” The bag also contained two containers that had marijuana inside of them. Inside the center console underneath the plastic bag, [I] found another cigarillo package that contained a small amount of marijuana. [I] observed several more open empty cans of Michelob Ultra, an empty can of White Claw Seltzer, and three empty bottles of Mikes Harder Lemonade.”The officer read all the occupants of the vehicle Miranda Warnings and asked them who the marijuana belonged to. According to the report, Maynard stated that he was not going to say whose it was but that it was not his. Madeline Castro, 19, of Rome, stated that she did not know them or who they belonged to. She stated that she had only caught a ride with them from the River Jam Concert. Lincoln Maddux, 19, of Trion, stated that the marijuana was Maynard’s. Officer Gravel transported Castro and Maddux to the Floyd County Jail, charged with underage possession of alcohol and an open container. Maddux was also charged with possession of marijuana. Officer Coleman transported Maynard to the Floyd County Jail, was charged with DUI, open container, underage possession of alcohol, improper backing, and possession of marijuana.