NWGA Scanner | August 14th, 2021

Trion man arrested on DUI child endangerment charges after 911 call in Chattooga County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on August 2nd, 2021, while scanning Chattooga County E-911 on his in-car radio, Trooper Mosley heard them give out a BOLO for a possibly impaired driver in the Little Caesar’s parking lot in Summerville. The Chattooga County dispatcher advised the vehicle was a black sedan parked waiting for his pizza. Trooper Mosley reported, “[I] arrived on-scene at approximately 9:08 PM. When [I] arrived, the witness was standing outside Little Caesar’s.” She advised the trooper that the driver’s speech was very slow and slurred. She also stated that the driver: dropped his credit card, laughed about it, and then slowly picked it up out of the floorboard. She stated she then noticed there were children in the rear seats of the vehicle. The concerned citizen also stated that this vehicle nearly struck another vehicle in the parking lot. The trooper went to the black 2019 Nissan Sentra parked in the side lot next to Little Caesar’s and made contact with the driver, identified as Michael Bryant, 28, of Trion. The trooper advised Bryant that some concerned citizens were worried for his safety and the safety of his kids. Trooper Mosley reported, “Mr. Bryant’s speech was extremely slurred and slow. While getting his license out, he dropped it on the floorboard before handing it to me. Mr. Bryant advised that he brought his two children to get some pizza, and they were waiting for it to come out. [I] asked Mr. Bryant if he had drunk, smoked, or taken anything that would impair his ability to drive. Mr. Bryant stated that he had taken some medicine about two hours before.” Bryant agreed to Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, where he showed several clues of impairment. Bryant was then placed under arrest for Driving Under the Influence and refused implied consent. According to the report, “While on the phone with his neighbor, Bryant stated he had drunk two drinks earlier that day. Trooper Mosley reported, “Mr. Bryant later attempted to clarify that he had only drunk one Michelob alcoholic beverage this date. Mr. Bryant became argumentative while in the back seat of my patrol car.” Bryant was transported to the Chattooga County Jail, charged with DUI driving under the influence and DUI child endangerment. According to reports, Braynt was arrested back in May for DUI after going 107 mph on Highway 27.