NWGA Scanner | August 20th, 2021

Trion man tased after threatening Chattooga County deputy with pistol during domestic call

According to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Monday, August 20th, 2021, at around 5:00 a.m., guns and tasers were drawn at 103 Rose Circle in Trion when deputies responded to a domestic dispute. Deputy Chris Clark arrived at the residence and saw someone yelling from inside the house. The deputy stood just outside of the side door of the residence and spoke with the victim, whose name was redacted from the incident report. As Deputy Clark was speaking to the victim, Rodney Marvin Hines, 37, “yelled at [the deputy] to not enter because he had a .45 caliber [pistol],” according to the incident report. Drawing “both firearm and taser, [Deputy Clark] charged inside the residence, making quick contact with [Hines] as he retreated to the living room area,” according to reports. Hines was told multiple times to get down on the floor, which he refused. He approached the couch area of the living room while still being argumentative and refusing to comply with lawful commands.” Hines then leaned toward another couch adjacent to the one he was on, appearing to reach in that direction,” according to reports. Deputy Clark said that “given [Hines’] previous statements of having a .45 caliber [pistol] and being non-compliant with lawful commands, the taser was deployed and aided with subduing Hines. After deployment, Hines complied with lawful commands and was restrained by way of restraints to the hands behind his back,” according to reports. After Hines was placed into custody, the victim told Deputy Clark, “she previously made him dinner in the microwave and he began to destroy the food products and other items in her kitchen, so she called Chattooga County E911 for assistance, stating she did not know why he was doing this, and she was scared for her safety,” according to the report. Hines was arrested and booked into the Chattooga County Jail, charged with disorderly conduct, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence.