NWGA Scanner | February 11th, 2021

Tunnel Hill man arrested after refusing to ID himself on traffic stop while “traveling” in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on February 5th, at approximately 10:13 PM, a deputy was traveling northbound on the north Bypass when he observed a Black Pontiac with what appeared to be a homemade license plate and a plate number of PR4vat3. The deputy was unable to receive a return, and dispatch advised that they were unable to get a return as well—the deputy initiating a traffic stop to investigate further. The Pontiac came to a complete stop at the Stay Lodge at the corner of Willowdale Road and Crow Valley Road. The deputy approached the vehicle, announcing himself and the reason for the stop. The deputy asked the driver for the vehicle registration and the driver, later identified as Chadwick Anthony Pilcher, 33, of Tunnel Hill, responded by saying what’s the emergency. After a few moments of explaining to the Pilcher why he was pulled over, the driver reached in the glove box and handed the deputy a paper titled Public Servant Questionnaire stating that this paper needs to be filled out. The deputy then asked the Pilcher if he had a driver’s license, and Pilcher responded by saying no and that he is not acting in a commercial capacity as a driver and not operating as traffic. Pilcher stated that he is traveling privately. Pilcher stated that the questionnaire had to be filled out before he answered any more questions. The deputy asked Pilcher for his name, and Pilcher once again stated that the questionnaire needs filled out. The deputy returned to his patrol vehicle to call for a supervisor and read the questionnaire provided by Pilcher. While in the patrol vehicle, the deputy viewed the return dispatch sent to his terminal from the V.I.N. The V.I.N. number returned to a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM to a Chadwick Pilcher. The deputy then used the local database R.M.S. records management system to locate a photo of the registered owner. After viewing the photo, it was determined that the driver of the Pontiac was, in fact, Chadwick Pilcher. The deputy returned to the vehicle. He asked Pilcher for his name, and Pilcher stated do you want my legal name, my fraud name, or my corporation name. The deputy advised that he needed the legal name that he was given at birth, and Pilcher responded by saying he does not have to give any information. Pilcher stated he would not provide his name. Pilcher was then asked numerous times to step out of the car. Once Pilcher was out of the vehicle, he was placed in handcuffs. Deputies found a license plate in the back seat of the Pontiac and ran the plate number. The plate returned to the 1999 Pontiac Grand AM with active insurance and registration. The deputy advised Pilcher that we could clear this incident up if he would cooperate by first providing his name. The deputy began to explain O.C.G.A. 40-5-29 license to be carried and exhibited on demand when the driver interrupted by saying he is not operating a vehicle, that it is an automobile. Pilcher refused to give his name and information after repeated attempts. Pilcher then said Elizabeth Vs. Tampa Bay is what false arrest and false imprisonment go off of, and that he has everything underway already. Pilcher, who was positively identified, was being transported to the Whitfield County Jail when he said he had something for both deputies. Pilcher then stated that they would no longer work for Whitfield anymore. Pilcher was arrested and charged with obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers, removing or affixing license plate with intent to conceal or misrepresent Citation, no license, and license to be carried and exhibited on demand. According to online records, Pilcher has previous arrest for similar charges.