NWGA Scanner | June 9th, 2021

Tunnel Hill pair arrested in Whitfield County on child cruelty in the 1st degree charges

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on April 22nd, 2021, at 12:00 PM, Detective Cooley was contacted by the Department of Family and Children Services. The DFCS worker stated that DFCS received a referral about a child who was being possibly mistreated by his father and stepmother. The following information was obtained from the referral. “Andy and Oceana confine the child to his room seven days a week with a baby gate and only allow him out of his room to eat and do homework. The child uses a kid’s potty chair” in his room, and other household members can see him use the bathroom. The child must stand and eat his food and is not allowed to sit at the table with the other children. The child is angry and depressed about the treatment he receives in the home. This has been an ongoing daily concern for past two years, and it is likely to occur again. The child is not currently in danger; he is at school, and his caregivers do not have access to him. This information was obtained via an interview.” At approximately 1:00 PM, Detective Cooley and the DFCS worker traveled to Tunnel Hill Elementary School to speak with the child. During this interview, the child states that he is made to stay in his room and not being able to leave. If he does leave his room, he gets into serious trouble and gets beat with a belt. When he described his room, he stated that there was a gate across the doorway. He stated that there were more gates, but he kicked one and broke it. The child stated that he was allowed to eat, and when he had to use the bathroom, he had to use a kid’s toilet, which was in the corner of his room. Detectives traveled to the address on Crawford Ter. in an attempt to speak with the parents and to check the living conditions of the residence. There was no one home at this time. They then traveled to Westside Middle School to speak with the child’s sister. On May 20th, Andrew Melvan Weaver, 45, and Ocean Relief Thomas, 40, both of Tunnel Hill was booked into the Whitfield County Jail charged with cruelty to child deprivation of necessary sustenance-1st degree.