NWGA Scanner | April 24th, 2022

Unlicensed and uninsured motorcyclist arrested after foot chase near Three Notch Road in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on April 16th, 2022, at 4:25 PM, Deputy Beasley was out at 57 Southwood Circle in reference to a follow-up to a call earlier this date. According to the report, “Deputy Beasley attempted to make contact at the front door, and no contact was made. While Deputy Beasley was standing at the front door, Deputy Beasley heard what seemed to be a street bike traveling at a high rate of speed on Three Notch Road. Deputy Beasley heard the bike travailing down Three Notch with the motor of the bike being in high RPM with excessive throttle usage exceeding the posted speed limit of 45mph. Deputy Beasley pulled out of the neighborhood in an attempt to catch up with the motorcycle and conduct a traffic stop.” Deputy Beasley pulled out and observed Tommy Trucker Collins, 31, of Ringgold, GA, was on the motorcycle just south of Southwood Circle, pulling into a driveway, appearing to have mechanical issues. According to the report, “Deputy Beasley initiated lights and sirens and got out in an attempt to make contact with Collins. Deputy Beasley yelled at Collins as he was trying to push the bike away of from the deputy in an attempt to try and gain distance away from law enforcement. Collins was given verbal commands to stop and come here. Collins then continued to push the bike away even faster.” As Deputy Beasley began to run down the driveway toward Collins, he dropped the bike and threw his helmet in the woods, and started running. According to the report, Deputy Beasley noticed that Collins, who he had not identified yet, looked back, and he immediately noticed the offender was Collins. The deputy reported that he knew Collins had felony warrants out for his arrest. Even with Deputy Beasley giving verbal commands to stop, Collins continued to run through the woods until he came to a barb wire fence. Collins was then taken at gunpoint by the deputy. According to the report, “Collins began to scream at Deputy Beasley to please let him go, and Deputy Beasley advised the offender, you know I can’t do that. Collins then got up and turned around, and jumped over the barbed wire fence. Collins then took off, running again southbound toward a grass field. Deputy Beasley jumped the fence and continued to chase Collins over a second barbed wire fence and into a grass field. Deputy Beasley held Collins at gunpoint, giving verbal commands to get on the ground.” Collins refused commands to get on the ground and began to walk back toward Three Notch Road. Other Deputies then arrived on the scene and were able to take Collins into custody. Before being placed in handcuffs, he took his phone and smashed it over his knee. Collins was confirmed to have a suspended license due to multiple offenses and was transported to the Catoosa County Jail by Deputy Lewis. The bike tag was run through dispatch, and it came back with expired registration and no insurance. Collins was booked into the jail, charged with obstruction of officers, operating a vehicle without registration, too fast for conditions, no proof of insurance, and driving on a suspended license. According to arrest records, Collins has a very lengthy arrest record.