NWGA Scanner | October 2nd, 2021

Unlicensed Florida woman spits on Cohutta police officer after being stopped for speeding

According to a Cohutta Police Department incident report, on September 20th, 2021, at around 11:50 PM, Officer Claxton stopped a white Toyota Corolla for traveling 77 mph northbound on SR-71 (Cleveland Highway). According to the report, The vehicle came to an abrupt stop on Highway 71 in an unsafe location. The officer made contact with the driver, later identified as Kaitlin Del-Col, 31, of Florida, to go to the well-lit area on the left-hand side of the road at Bowen Auction located at 5387 Cleveland Highway. Del-Col handed the officer a Florida Identification card with her name. Officer Claxton reported, “[I] walked back up to the window and asked her why she was traveling 77 in a 55 mph zone. Ms. Del-Col stated that she has a lead foot. [I] asked Ms. Del-Col if she knew she didn’t have a valid driver’s license? Ms. Del-Col stated that she is on her way to Ohio to get that worked out.” While being arrested, Ms. Delcol stated that she did not know that she needed a driver’s license to drive. Officer Claxton reported, “While [I] was making sure the cuffs were on properly. Ms. Del-Col stated as follows, “Am I going to jail? Can I not just blow you, and you let me go?” Ms. Del-Col’s statements caught me off guard, and [I] stated, “no, you are going to jail!’ During a search of the vehicle, the officer located marijuana inside. Chief Fowler arrived on the scene and assisted. Ms. Del-Col stated that she was a felon. Officer Claxton reported, “At this time [I] asked Ms. Del-Col why did she not have a driver’s license? Ms. Del-Col stated that she has a right to remain silent, and that’s what she is going to do. Ms. Del-Col made these comments “I don’t know why cops are always f**king with me?” then Ms. Del-Col stated very quietly, are you sure I can’t blow you” Del-Col was then transported to the Whitfield County Jail. When the officer went to open the door for Del-Col, he leaned into get her out of the vehicle. Del-Col then hocked up a loogie and spat on the officer, landing on his arm, leg, and even his face. The officer asked Del-Col if she had any diseases, and she stated that she had the right to remain silent. Del-Col also showed to have a warrant out for her arrest in Ohio Del-Col was charged with simple battery on a peace officer, speeding, driving while unlicensed, possession of marijuana, possession of drug-related objects, and reckless conduct.