NWGA Scanner | November 11th, 2022

Unlicensed man arrested after fleeing from Dalton Police officer in vehicle

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On October 25th, 2022, at 10:24 PM, Officer Lewis was patrolling the area of Willowdale Road looking for any illegal or suspicious activity. Officer Lewis reported, “While patrolling the area, [I] got behind a gray Nissan Versa. I ran this tag through GCIC via my in-vehicle computer. This GCIC return showed that this vehicle had no valid insurance and that the registration was suspended. By the time [I] got this return back, this vehicle and [I] were at the intersection of Chattanooga Road and Shugart Road. [I] called out a traffic stop to dispatch, and as this vehicle and [I] made a u-turn on Chattanooga Road, [I] activated my emergency lights to conduct a probable cause traffic stop on this vehicle. As we performed this u-turn, [I] was able to observe that the driver of this vehicle was a black male with dreads that extended down to approximately his shoulders. As [I] activated my light, this vehicle was driving east on Chattanooga Road from the intersection of Shugart Road. We continued driving east on Chattanooga Road at speeds of approximately 50 mph, which is normal for this section of the roadway. At this time, this vehicle was in the inside lane of the roadway, so [I] additionally, and briefly, switched on and off my sired to make myself more noticeable that [I] was attempting to stop this vehicle. [I] did this to try to make sure that the driver was aware that [I] was attempting to stop them.” The vehicle then turned onto Willowdale Road, where it continued on at speeds of approximately 40 to 50 mph. Officer Lewis terminated the pursuit per department policy. Officer Lewis reported, “A little while after this, [I] was again patrolling the area of Willowdale Road for any illegal or suspicious activity. During this [I] located this same vehicle. [I] located it at the Willowdale Stay Lodge (1116 Willowdale Road). [I] observed that the vehicle was parked in the middle of the parking lot and was not in a proper parking space. [I] also observed that the driver door was open and that there was nobody inside of the vehicle.” The officer then observed a black male with dreads, later identified as Jose Williams Frazier, 34, of Dalton, walking down the building on the top floor. Officer Lewis then made contact with a female identified as Suzanna Gregory, who advised it was her vehicle and that a friend named “Shirack” was just driving it. As officers were detaining Frazier, no questions were asked. However, he spontaneously uttered that he was just trying to go to the store to get a drink and that he didn’t have a license. When asked why he fled, he stated that he was on probation and that he didn’t have a license. He stated that he got scared because he didn’t want to go back to prison again. Frazier was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, charged with driving while unlicensed, having no insurance, driving with a suspended tag, and misdemeanor fleeing.