NWGA Scanner | October 18th, 2022

Unlicensed man arrested for DUI again after leaving scene of crash and assaulting Dalton officer

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On September 29th, 2022, Officer Jenkins responded to the area of 872 College Drive in reference to a hit-and-run accident. Officer Jenkins arrived and observed Lt. Cantrell trying to get the suspect, Andrew Douglas Allen Griffith, 33, 166 Lower Mill Creek Road-303, Rocky Face, out of his vehicle due to him trying to flee the scene. Officer learned that Griffith had two warrants out of another state and was unlicensed. Griffith advised the officer he was going to “Kick my ass” while he bladed his body in a fighting stance. Officer Jenkins reported, “[I] then grabbed Griffith and took him to the ground while trying to get his hands behind his back. He continued to hold his hands in front of him and did not comply with commands. Lt. Cantrell then assisted me, and we were able to place him in handcuffs.” During the struggle, Griffith kicked an officer and refused to answer any questions. Officers could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from his person, and he was slurring his speech. The officer also observed that his eyes were glassy, and he was swaying around as he sat. Griffith head-butted the divider in the patrol vehicle multiple times while being transported to the Whitfield County Jail. While at the jail, he advised the officer several times he was going to “Get it” he also stated that he was going to die. Officer Jenkins reported, “He then tried to walk off, and [I] grabbed his arm so he could not walk off. He then quickly turned and told me he was going to kill me.” Griffith was charged with [I] then held him until the jail staff took over. Once jail staff had him, he stated again that he was going to kill me. Griffith was charged with terroristic threats and acts, DUI, misdemeanor willful obstruction of law officers, giving false information to a law officer, hit and run, and driving without a valid license. According to reports, Griffith has history of DUI arrests, in May 2021 he was arrested for DUI after letting child drive truck while he was DUI in Whitfield County.