NWGA Scanner | September 13th, 2021

Wanted felons found trafficking meth at Silver Creek gas station in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on September 3rd, 2021, at 1:40 AM, Officer Ribot-Aviles was proactively for a stolen motorcycle around the area of Silver Creek and Lindale. The officer was checking on a motorcycle at the Marathon Gas Station located at 4970 Rockmart Highway. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “As [I] am exiting the store, [I] saw a Mitsubishi Eclipse parked at the lot. [I] saw a person in the passenger seat. [I] recognized the passenger as Patrick Wayne Gaylor, 35, of Silver Creek. [I] was aware of Mr. Gaylor having a Warrant. [I] am familiar with Mr. Gaylor due to a situation in 2019 where he fled from the police at 115 mph, and he had tried to discard a large quantity of meth. [I] was also aware of Mr. Gaylor’s gang affiliations. His tattoos also display his affiliation to a gang. Based on what I saw while opening the door, it was the SS Lighting Bolts. A symbol that is known as a symbol of hate. This symbol is known to be part of groups with white supremacist ideas.” The officer approached the Gaylor to arrest him for his warrant. The officer also advised he could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the inside of the vehicle. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “[I] saw that his hands went to his waist area. At that point, [I] was able to see that he placed his hand inside his pocket. Mr. Gaylor was failing to comply with the commands. By failing to comply with my orders as well that he was not free to go due to his active warrant, he did commit the crime of obstruction. Due to his hand in his pocket, where people conceal weapons, [I] had reason to believe that he could be armed. Mr. Gaylor has dealt with the police several times in his life. He should be aware of the risk of placing his hands near or around his waistband or reaching for something inside his pockets during or before an arrest. His actions of refusing to comply and reaching for an item inside his pocket made me think that he was about to brandish a weapon. [I] was in enough proximity that any weapon could have been a danger to me. [I] rapidly pulled my service weapon and pointed at him. He then continued to not comply and pulled an item from his pocket.” Gaylor quickly threw the item to the backseat, and the officer was able to see that he did not have a weapon in his hands. The officer continued to use verbal commands to guide Gaylor to a safe arrest. According to the report, Gaylor exited the vehicle, and the officer immediately felt the resistance of his body. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “He was pushing my hand, and his back muscles were tensing up. One of his hands was on the roof of the vehicle. [I] grabbed one arm and guided to the handcuff position. Due to his active resistance and flexing his arm, and trying to push me with his lower back. He also used his arm to create momentum and push me. He was able to strike my hand with his lower back. Due to his actions, the handcuffs fell onto the ground. He was flexing his body and was moving back. He then got close to me and tried to push me back again. [I] told him to stop several times.” Gaylor was guided to the ground, where he was placed under arrest. According to the report, During the struggle Chelsie Rena Nation, 27, of Cartersville, was inside the vehicle, and she exited the vehicle leaving. Officer Forrister arrived and went inside the gas station, arresting Nation. Officer Ribot-Aviles located a baggie in the vehicle with crystal meth inside. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “While searching the backseat area under the driver seat, [I] found a baggie with marijuana and rolled bag with crystals inside. At that point, the large amount made me believed that the amount was a trafficking amount. During the arrest of Mr. Gaylor, [I] retrieved cash from his pockets. [I] had reason to believe the money derived from the controlled substance violation.” The amount meth was weighed, and it was over 60 grams of meth. Gaylor and Nation were transported to the Floyd County Jail. According to the report, Gaylor was kicking and slamming his head against the glass or the metal separator on the patrol vehicle. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “When [I] advised Mrs. Nation of the trafficking charges, she told me that this would be her second trafficking charge. At the Jail, Mr. Gaylor was found to have a concealed knife. [I] also was able to find out that the cellphone was Mr. Gaylor, and based on the evidence found, the phone was also seized. [I] have experienced and knowledge that phones are used to conspired with others violate the Georgia Control Substance act. Mr. Gaylor was also in possession of marijuana cigarette that was found at the jail.” Gaylor was being sought for violating his probation after failing two tests for amphetamines and alcohol, then not reporting to his probation officer on two dates in April and May. Nation had a warrant for attempting to conceal James Colby Ray, who was arrested in July on methamphetamine and theft charges. Gaylor was charged with marijuana-possess less than one oz., possession, and use of drug-related objects, possession of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, trafficking methamphetamine, felony obstruction of an officer, felony probation violation (when probation terms are altered, and felony probation violation (when probation terms are altered). Nation was charged with hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal, trafficking methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, and marijuana-possess less than 1 oz.