NWGA Scanner | July 5th, 2022

Wanted man arrested after dangerous 100 mph pursuit in Floyd County ends in PIT maneuver by GSP trooper

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On June 11th, 2022, at 10:33 AM, Officer R. Carrington was traveling westbound on East Rome Bypass. Officer Carrington reported, “[I] saw James William Lupo IV, 41, of Rome, turn left from on to E. Rome Bypass from Braves Blvd. [I] recognized him from past encounters. [I] turned around and notified dispatch and asked for assistance from other Officers due to him making bulletins of him making threats towards law enforcement. [I] was notified by Sgt. Nails that he has an active probation violation warrant on 6/9/22. Once, he turned on to Calhoun Rd, and [I] heard that Officer Smith and O’Bryan were close. [I] activated my emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop. As [I] approached the driver’s window, [I] said James, and he responded. [I] asked him if he knew why I stopped him, and he said no. [I] told him that I pulled him over for the same thing that [I] did last time, white light coming from the rear. [I] told him that the reverse lights are on, and when [I] run his tag, it comes back as suspended. Dispatch confirmed that the warrant was active through Floyd County SO and to place a hold. [I] told James to step out of the vehicle, and he asked why. [I] told him that there is an active warrant for probation violation. He said that he talked to probation, and they said that they were not going to put a warrant out for him. Told him that there was a warrant, and he said no, there was not. He then rolled his window up and put the vehicle into gear, and fled the scene.” All officers ran back to their patrol cars and chased James as he turned on Wayside Road eastbound. James would travel at speeds of 70+ mph in a 40mph zone. James passed a vehicle in a no-passing zone in a curve, almost rear-ended a truck, and caused vehicles to swerve to miss him as he crossed over the centerline. James ran several stop signs during the pursuit. GSP was called for assistance as well. James drove extremely recklessly during the pursuit and passed several vehicles on Highway 293 without any regard for other traffic. The pursuit went down Calhoun Road, Wayside Road, Ward MTN, and almost hit a vehicle head-on. According to the report, “He cut in between two vehicles and went into the ditch and then back onto the road.” A GSP Trooper joined the chase in the area after Todd Street, where James was going 100mph in a 55mph zone. When James turned right onto GA 53, GSP then took the lead. James then turned right onto GA-140 eastbound, and GSP performed a PIT maneuver. James was taken at gunpoint and then taken into custody without further incident. Officer Carrington reported, “While at the ER, he recognized my name from a report where [I] had taken a warrant out for him, and he tried to discuss it. [I] told him that there would be a court date for that, and [I] am not going to discuss it with him. After he was medically cleared from the hospital, [I] told James to come with me so he could be transported to the Floyd County Jail. He said that he was not going and that he was released and that he is not under arrest and that he is not going with me. [I] called for Rome PD for assistance. The RPD officers arrived, and James still refused to get up. RPD rolled the bed he was lying in out of the ER, and [I] pulled my car closer. James who has a very lengthy history, was booked on felony fleeing and a slew of traffic charges.