NWGA Scanner | May 19th, 2022

Wanted Rossville man tased after assaulting Walker County deputy during wild foot pursuit

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On May 11th, 2022, at 8:32 AM, Deputy J. Camp was patrolling the area of Roberta Drive in Rossville. Deputy Camp reported, “[I] observed a male later identified as Montie Lee McDonald, of Roberta Drive, Rossville, look at my marked patrol vehicle and then immediately get out of a white Jeep Cherokee and quickly walk into the apartment in a manner that appeared he was trying to get away from me even though [I] was not following him. Due to his suspicious behavior, [I] believed he was either wanted or in the commission of a crime. [I] then ran the tag on the vehicle he had been sitting in that [I] could see from the roadway. [I] then found a local return from a suspicious activity call and ran a male through GCIC/NCIC that was attached to the call. It returned with two warrants through the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and a photo that matched the person [I] had seen go into the house.” The warrants for obstruction and hit and run, no proof of insurance, no tag, and tire requirement were confirmed as valid. The deputy knocked on the door, and a woman answered. When asked if asked McDonald was there, she advised he was not, even though the deputy could clearly see him over her shoulder chilling on the couch. Deputy Camp reported, “[I] then entered due to having a warrant in hand and advised him he was under arrest.” While attempting to effect an arrest, McDonald pulled away and shoved the deputy back. McDonald used two hands, making contact with the deputy’s chest with enough force to push him away from him. According to the report, “McDonald then began to run towards the back door. Deputy Camp gave loud commands for him to stop. Deputy Camp reported, “[I] tried to grab him again but was only able to get a portion of his shirt. Due to him fleeing after assaulting me, [I] utilized my county-issued taser and discharged it into his mid-back. The taser did have an effect, and the suspect fell to the ground. [I] was giving him loud verbal commands to put his hands behind his back. He refused, and once the taser had gone through the 5-second cycle, he stood up and [I] attempted to cycle the taser again, but he swept the leads with his hand causing the taser to lose connection.” A intense foot pursuit then ensued towards Wilson Road. McDonald then jumped into the “concrete culvert that is about 4 feet deep that runs along Wilson Road”, according to the report. McDonald then began to run north towards a fence. He got to the fence, and the deputy caught up to him. Deputy Camp reported, “During the pursuit, [I] gave him multiple commands to stop. He then jumped into the concrete culvert that is about 4 feet deep that runs along Wilson Road. [I] jumped in as well and chased him. He then tried to climb out of the ditch but [I] caught up to him and pulled him back in to take him into custody.” McDonald turned toward the deputy and assaulted him again. The deputy held him against the wall while he was still resisting arrest. McDonald finally gave up and was taken into custody. While searching McDonald the deputy located a small plastic bag that contained marijuana inside. McDonald was transported to the Walker County Jail, booked on the two warrants and felony obstruction, simple battery against a law enforcement officer, and possession of marijuana.