NWGA Scanner | July 25th, 2021

Window tint violation lands Alabama men in the Floyd County Jail on meth trafficking charges

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on July 2nd, 2021, at 10:45 PM, Officer Ribot-Aviles was patrolling the area of Park Avenue near the Dragon Fuel. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “As [I] am passing the location, [I] saw a white pickup vehicle parked on the far south area of the lot. The vehicle was on, and [I] saw two people inside the pickup. A few minutes passed, and [I] was back in the same area, answering a call via phone. By then, the white pickup had the hood up, and a male was in front of the vehicle. [I] did not see the other person inside the pickup. Then a male walked from another pickup that was parked near the pickup. The male went and sat on the passenger seat. By then, the other male closed the hood and went back to the driver’s side. Then both vehicles moved from a parking area to the other parking spot. [I] continue to observed the activity between the vehicle. [I] saw that the people from the vehicle exited the vehicles. A few minutes passed, and the small pickup moved again to another area and parked again. [I] have been involved in surveillance operations where controlled substances were distributed. Based on my experience during those investigations, based on the activity and behavior, the situation was similar to the incident where I was part of the surveillance investigations. The short period of time spent on a vehicle then walked back to their vehicle and having somebody outside the other vehicle as a lookout, [I] have the suspicion of some type of illegal transaction.” The officer saw that the vehicle had extreme window tints. According to the report, “The driver had the window down, but the passenger had it halfway. [I] turned the blue lights and siren on to initiate a traffic stop.” The officer made contact with the driver, Derek Shane Parks, 32, of Gaylesville, Alabama, who was shaking. The officer asked the passenger for an ID. The officer reported, His body posture was rigid and unusual as a relaxed person based on his traffic stop encounters. The passenger informed the officer that he did not have any ID and told him his name was Nicholas Silvers, 38, of Gaylesville, Alabama. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “Due to the behavior and the observation at the Dragon Fuel, [I] asked about the past in reference of police encounters or being under Probation. [I] used the term of being on paper. Mr. Silvers informed me that he just served his whole sentence.” The officer also checked the window tint for the front windows, and the result was 4%. Another officer arrived to assist, and Officer Ribot-Aviles then conducted a warrantless search on the vehicle based on the reason to believe that evidence was inside the vehicle due to the empty holster and ammunition, plus a convicted felon could be in possession of more evidence. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “During the search, [I] found a small yellow container under the radio. Inside I found a corner baggie with residue of crystal rocks. These rocks it is something [I] have seen before as meth. [I] have been involved in over a hundred investigations with meth. Also, the way the baggie was cutoff it is one of the ways meth is packed for distribution. After a further search of the vehicle, officers found a large number of crystal rocks in zip lock bags. They were wrapped in plastic wrap. According to the report, The crystal rocks inside the zip lock were meth. Officer Ribot-Aviles reported, “[I] had reason to believe that Mr. Parks was part of the trafficking and/or distribution. This was because Mr. Parks allow us to use his phone to call the owner of the vehicle, and on the screen, a message was observed where a person wrote him about getting $40 of a white substance. Both Parks and Silvers were transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of meth win intent to distribute, trafficking meth, and possession of drug-related objects. Parks was additionally charged with window tint violation.