NWGA Scanner | January 13th, 2022

Woman assaults deputies and officers after chase with her 7-month-old in the vehicle in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sherif’s Office incident report, on January 5th, 2022, at approximately 9:40 PM, Lieutenant Cantrell was standing in the parking lot of the Race Track gas station at 6622 Battlefield Parkway, when a female, later identified as Jasmine Nicole Calhoun, 27, pulled into the gas station blowing her 2009 Silver Mitsubishi Outlander horn and revving up the engine while pulling up to a gas pump. According to the report, “After pumping gas, Calhoun began to exit the parking lot on Akins Road, and continued blowing the horn and revving up the engine. Lieutenant Cantrell then followed the vehicle onto Battlefield Parkway. Lieutenant Cantrell observed the vehicle did not have any tail lights on but did have its hazard lights flashing. The vehicle was in the left-hand lane traveling west on Battlefield Parkway when it crossed halfway over the dashed white line into the right-hand lane. The vehicle then swerved back into the left-hand lane. Lieutenant Cantrell activated his emergency lights and siren to attempt a traffic stop on Battlefield Parkway at Battlefield Drive. The vehicle turned onto Battlefield Drive and continued until reaching Robert E Lee Drive where Calhoun briefly stopped the vehicle.” Calhoun then refused to stop and continued driving down Battlefield Drive. Calhoun then continued around the subdivision back to Battlefield Parkway. Calhoun continued on Battlefield Parkway, swerving as if she was going to turn other roads. Deputy Lowe joined the pursuit and began calling the pursuit over the radio for Lieutenant Cantrell. Calhoun then turned and went south on Highway 41. According to the report, Corporal Cantrell heard the pursuit and attempted to set up stop sticks. Calhoun then turned onto Chapman Road and into the Sonic drive-thru, where she came to a stop. According to the report, “Lieutenant Cantrell attempted to conduct a felony takedown, but Calhoun refused to comply with verbal orders. Calhoun rolled her window down and yelled, “I didn’t do anything.” After a minute, Calhoun rolled her window up and continued to ignore the verbal commands. Corporal Cantrell, Deputy Lowe, Ringgold Police officers VanDyke and Newman then arrived to assist. While approaching the vehicle, deputies noticed there was an unrestrained juvenile (7-month-old) in the back seat. According to the report, Lieutenant Cantrell stood at the driver’s side window and continued to give loud verbal commands for Calhoun to open the door. Calhoun continued to refuse to open the door for several minutes, with deputies giving loud verbal commands. According to the report, “Lieutenant Cantrell advised Calhoun that her window was going to be broken out if she did not comply.” Calhoun continued to completely ignore commands and began reaching around the vehicle for something. According to the report, Corporal Cantrell then busted the passenger side front window out of the vehicle to get the doors open. Only after her window was busted did Calhoun open the driver’s side door and exit the vehicle with her hands up, saying she did nothing wrong. According to the report, While attempting to place Calhoun into custody, she began pulling away and refused to place her hands behind her back. While the struggle with Calhoun, she then began attempting to kick and assault deputies. Calhoun continued to throw a temper tantrum in front of her child, laying down on the ground and refusing to walk to the patrol vehicle. Calhoun began kicking again and using her legs to push off the patrol vehicle so she could not be placed in the back seat area by deputies. Calhoun continued to kick deputies and officers while they attempted to place her into the back seat of the patrol vehicle. In the process of her belligerent tirade assaulting deputies and officers, she kicked Ringgold Police officer VanDyke in the groin. Calhoun then bit Corporal Cantrell on the arm. Calhoun continued to assault, fight, attempt to kick, and growl at deputies until she was secured into the patrol vehicle. According to the report, “Ringgold Police officer Newman contacted the Department of Family and Children Services for Lieutenant Cantrell so they could take custody of the 7-month-old child. Ringgold Police officer Newman advised Lieutenant Cantrell that the safety seat the child was sitting in was not buckled into the vehicle and was just sitting on the seat when he removed the juvenile from the vehicle.” Calhoun was transported to the Catoosa County Jail, where she continued to be belligerent and refused to comply with orders. Calhoun was charged with felony obstruction, fleeing and eluding officer, failure to maintain lane, taillights, and child safety restraining system violation. After the incident, a video was posted to Facebook showing part of the incident. The video starts while officers and deputies were attempting to place the belligerent woman in the patrol vehicle. The video shows a Ringgold Police Officer Newman, who, according to the report, is a certified EMT comforting and checking on the small child while his mother is seen and heard screaming throwing a temper tantrum while assaulting law enforcement. According to the report, the incident was captured on deputies and officers BWC and Dashcam.