NWGA Scanner | February 19th, 2021

Woodstock man charged with DUI after several 911 calls about vehicle stopped in the middle of I-75

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, at approximately 9:38 PM, Whitfield County 911 received multiple calls on a small black passenger car on I-75 northbound, just north of the 328 on-ramp. The first caller stated that the vehicle was stopped in the middle lane with its trunk open. The next caller stated that the vehicle was at a standstill in the right lane. A deputy got onto the interstate at the 328. Not long after getting on the interstate, the deputy noticed a semi-truck change from the right to the middle lane. As soon as the truck moved into the middle lane, he observed a small black Nissan Versa driving around 30 to 35 miles an hour. The vehicle was swerving left and right inside of the right lane. The vehicle then failed to maintain lane on the right shoulder. The deputy conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle with a South Carolina plate. When the deputy activated his emergency blue lights, the vehicle, later identified to be driven by Darryn Jovonn Fray, 31 of Woodstock, came to a complete rest in the middle of the right lane instead of pulling off to the right shoulder. Two deputies approached the vehicle on the passenger side away from traffic. One deputy immediately observed an open beer can in the cup holder next to Jovonn, who was very lethargic with his movements. Jovonn also had slowed and slurred speech. The deputy also reported that the vehicle’s gearshift was still in drive. The deputy reached in the vehicle and placed it into the park for safety. They had Jovonn to step out of the vehicle. Jovonn was explained that he had to take his seatbelt off first. While attempting to unbuckle himself, Jovonn’s hand kept missing the seatbelt release button, “showing him to have poor coordination and poor depth perception.” Deputies had to assist with getting him unbuckled. Once unbuckled, they had to assist Jovonn with standing up. Jovonn had to use the vehicle to keep his balance. Deputies were overwhelmed with smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Jovonn. Jovonn denied drinking anything. When deputies asked Jovonn further questions, he blankly stared and refrained from speaking. Jovonn refused to answer or do anything further. Based on the observed driving along with overall physical evidence, Jovonn was placed under arrest for DUI. Jovonn lost his balance to the point that a deputy had to hold him up, so he did not fall on his face. A deputy read Jovonn Georgia Implied Consent Notice for Suspects Age 21 or Over. Jovonn refused the request for his blood or breath. A deputy then read Jovonn his Miranda Rights to which he stated, “You already know what it is”. Both Deputies had to assist Jovonn all the way into the vehicle because he was too inebriated to do it himself. A deputy found a whiskey bottle that was more than halfway empty sitting in the driver’s door. He then found a full whiskey bottle inside a bag on the passenger seat. There was a total of three alcoholic beverages found in the vehicle. One opened beer can, one opened 375ML whiskey bottle, and one closed 375ML whiskey bottle. Jovonn was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with the following D.U.I less safe alcohol, open container, impeding traffic flow, failure to maintain lane, and illegal Stopping.